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Customer care
Italpast stand always by their customers’ side offering them advice, know-how and direct, after-sales assistance for pasta machines and pasta equiment.

Advice and technological development
We can supply advice during the purchase phase: after the types of pasta machines and the production requirements have been determined we are in a position to raise customized projects with a view to optimizing your investments.

Our skill and mutual exchange of the experiences matured in this field enable us to develop projects featuring high technological contents in the sphere of production process and automation systems.

Research and development
In the field of research and development of product types and production process we have created a lab inside our premises, in order to carry out machine testing and trials using raw materials in our customers’ presence.
Italpast have co-operated with different companies and research institutes to create various labs for production of special pasta, such as “functional” pasta(gluten-free, with high protein contents)with a view to reducing to the minimum the processing impact on the raw materials and exploit their organoleptic and nutritional properties at the same time.

Installation and start up
Our highly skilled staff can install and commission production plants at our customers’ premises.
Thanks to the modern data processing our pastaproduction plants all over the world can be remotely controlled by our technicians.

Customer care
Our technical and sales personnel ensure advice, assistance, control intervention, servicing and fixing.

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