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pasta extruder
HANDMADE Pasta Machines

The only place where you can buy traditional, typical, local as well as specially handmade products obtained with very special care and control on the raw materials is the handmade pasta lab.
The pasta maker can meet and satisfy any requests thanks to his experience and love for his work.
As a matter of fact, there still is room for growth in the field of homemade pasta, especially for all those companies that can combine handicraft and wholesomeness to technical innovations and production capacity.

Italpast engineer and manufacture pasta machines and pasta plants for pasta also supplying technical and technological support with a view to increasing output, full functional capacity of use as well as reducing costs and increasing returns on the investment.
tortellini machines
Transfer mixer IT 65–100
Extruders MAC 30-30 VR&MAC 60-60 VR
Extruder MAC 100-100 VR
Extruder MAC 120 C/MAC 120 C-200
Extruder MAC 180 VR
Sheeter SFL 250–320–500–540
Calibrator-refining machine for sheet pasta
Lobe pump PL115 – 220
Forming machine for ravioli and cappelletti RCL from 140 up to 540
Ravioli machine RA 120
Ravioli machine RA 160
Production unit for co-extruded, filled cannelloni 300 kgs per hour
Pre-dryer TP 100/200/300/600
Compact pasteurizer PA 30/50/100/150
Pasteurizer SC running by saturated and overheated steam
Chiller for fresh pasta RF
Chiller running by ambient air
Static dryers of the EAC series for short and long pasta
Electric superheaters SVA
  Dry pasta
  Fresh and pre-cooked pasta
  Handmade pasta
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