Pasta machines and plants
Plants for fresh pasta cooking
Alimentary pasta machines
Plants for fresh pasta cooking

Complete lines and machines engineered and manufactured to be part of various productions: fresh and frozen products destined to restoration and food service and products used for ready meals.
Cannelloni are obtained by pre-cooked, sheet-pasta that is filled and rolled up before being cut by the exclusive guillotine cutting device that ensures neat and precise cut without crushing the product. The cannelloni-cutting device can be coupled with various types of filling pumps for dosage of high quantities of filling, that can even consist of small bits and pieces.
The pre-cooked sheet-pasta for cannelloni is used also for preparation of lasagne; at outfeed of the cooker before the cutting phase the sheet of pasta is soaked in a cold water bath blocking the cooking process, thus enabling scraping operations and removal of the surface starch.

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