Pasta machines

A pasta factory deciding to increase production by purchasing new machinery is selling some of the machines making up their currently operating line.

Pasta machines

long pasta machine

Spaghetti spreading machine mod. 600  in Stainless steel

  • Manufacturer: ITALPAST
  • In operation since March 2013
  • Hourly output: 300 – 600 Kg/h
  • Complete with waste-recover device
spaghetti machine

Spaghetti stripping machine mod. 600

  • anufacturer: ITALPAST
  • In operation since March 2013
  • Max.  rate: 8-10 pc. sticks per minute
  • Coupled with Weighing-packaging machine by co. CAMPAGNOLO
Pasta dryer

Drying chambers complete with trolleys

  • Manufacturer: ITALPAST
  • In operation since March 2013 (3 chambers) – since April 2014 (3 chambers)
  • 6 chambers with 56 pcs trolleys
  • Supplied with some 4000 oval sticks in  aluminium (“Z”-shaped terminal end) length 600 mm
  • New- generation PLC with “touch”-screen operator panel
Pasta packaging

FLOW PACK Weighing-Packaging machine

  • Manufacturer: CAMPAGNOLO
  • Weight of bags: from 250 up to 500 gr.
  • Speed: up to 20 pc/minute
  • New machine, supplied in February 2013
  • Complete with: turning device for pasta, elevator conveyor belt, weigher with “zig-zag” storage device
  • Flow pack packaging machine with reel from the bottom, with date-stamping device and optic eye for centered printing

The plant is currently in operation but open for inspection to potential Buyers.

Confidential negotiations can occur also directly with the Owner.
At any rate, Italpast is available to ensure support for disassembly, new start-up and after-sales service.

Pasta machines